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Below is a list of my readings. At this time, I am doing phone readings only. 


Psychic Reading


You receive clarity on the things weighing heavy on your chest. Ask any questions and get an immediate answer.


Love Reading


Know everything about your Love Life. This could range from your current relationship, past relationships, and future ones. Ask any question.


Tarot Card Reading


I pull cards your Spirit is drawn to and translate the message for you. Can be generalized clarity or toward any topic of your choice.


Palm Reading


Palms tell our entire lives. I read your palm and tell you about the Life you are living and what could come in the future.


Soulmate Reading


Find your soulmate. Know if who you are in a relationship with is your soulmate. Allow me to help you connect with your desired soulmate.


Past Life Reading


Know anything about your past Life. Come with questions.


Energy Reading


Allow me to read your energy and talk with you about you. We talk about your habits, ways of Being, and the things that are weighing heavy on your heart. You receive clarity on the type of energy you have.


Animal Reading


Come with your pet and ask any question. Are they sick? Are they feeling bad? Are they disconnected from you? What's on their mind? Anything.

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