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Healings & Cleansings

Below is a list of healings and cleansings I offer to rebalance your mind, body, and soul. It is recommended to book a reading before we dive into healing. 


Spiritual Cleansing

Dependent on need

Rebalancing of the mind, body, and soul. Removes any and all negativity to give you a clean slate.


Chakra Cleansing

Dependent on need

Cleansing of any particular overactive or underachieve chakra or a full healing of all of them. Dependent on your need.


Crystal Healing

Dependent on need

We use the power of specific crystals to help you cope, balance, release, or improve the quality of your Life.


Guided Meditation

Dependent on need

We go through a 1:1 guided healing meditation where we clear your mind and open your heart up to relieve messages and insights on anything. 


Energy Work

Dependent on need

We work with your energy body to cleanse and balance all blockages. Dependent on your need.

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