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My Story

My receptivity to the energy around me arose when I was 8 years old -- I could feel and understand what others were experiencing within themselves just by being beside them. Now, as a third-generation Native American psychic, I help people regain their balance through this gift.


I always provide an open and judgment-free environment to everyone I meet. My readings are straightforward and provide you with all the answers you're seeking, even if they may be difficult to hear. I feel what you feel, and I am here to support your journey all the way through.

My Method

As a natural born psychic, I work through your energy to provide you with the answers you desire, rebalancing of you Spirit, and spiritual guidance through your human journey,


I feel into your vibration and aura to accurately see your past, present and future. With over 20 years of experience, I am humbled with the ability to see and feel my clients as if I am standing in their shoes. Through such a deep empathic presence, I advise you on how you can step into your power and live in your highest vibration.

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